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Q What is LTMC’s game plan?
A. Helping to enact the constitutional directives which will end the centuries old
proletarian condition; the landless, jobless, inequitable and poverty prone epidemics.

Q. How will LTMC achieve this?
A. By advocating for the current R1tr income taxes and VAT to be gradually replaced
by land rents, a municipal rates and taxes surcharge on land, excluding improvements.

Q. How will this help?
A. Firstly it will make South Africa a national tax haven like a countrywide Special Economic
andIndustrial Zone. This will mop up the 8.5 million jobless. This is considered
mandatory in terms of sec 228 for it prevents any municipality (and ipso facto the state)
from collecting taxes which prejudice economic policies like income taxes and vat.

Secondly, by allocating unearned land rents to Treasury. The price of unused land becomes
affordable. This is mandated in sec 25.5 of the Constitution.

Thirdly Treasury targets hard-earned work and wealth, not unearned land rents for its revenue.
This reduces GDP per head by some 25%.

Q. How did this all come about?
A. In academia, the media, business, politics and the judiciary the prevailing view is that it
does not matter what is taxed because everything becomes scarcer. In fact land and the
spectrum do not diminish one iota even if taxed 100%. The Katz Commission and Davis
Committee overlooked this. Even the Constitutional court failed to notice that the corrected
1996 text did not comply with Sec XXV of the interim constitutional principle that the “national
government and provincial governments shall have fiscal powers and functions which will be
defined in the Constitution.”

Q What LTMC’s your plan?
A. We shall be approaching the Constitutional Court to declare that income taxes and vat do not
comply with the Constitution.

Q. What help do you need?
A. We seek financial assistance to pay for the legal costs. A budget of R1.5m per annum has
been reckoned. That is if the state contests our submissions. If not the case should be over in one year.